Valentines Day in Japan, and White Day?


Valentines Day in Japan is a little different than the flurry of men in America searching for a way to get a girl or couples sweating over what to do for their spouse and worrying if their gifts will match up to their partners.

In Japan, this day of love is celebrated by women doing most of the work. Ladies from all around, crowd stores in the hunt for chocolates to give a crush or even multiple men. These gifts are either handed in person or left to be found by them. The most important part is not to have a secret admirer, so they know how to celebrate the following holiday called White Day.

On White day, any man who received a gift on Valentine’s Day reciprocates by purchasing his admirer a gift, most commonly a box of chocolates. This day falls on the 14th of the following month. The system is simple and does eliminate confusion and running around by both sexes when they scramble to find gifts. Although some could say that it may take away some of the excitement but that’s what makes cultural differences so interesting.

As I was in class in Japan I found a box of chocolates left in my mail box and my dorm was used by female Japanese students who wanted to make their own sweets for people. However, it isn’t just a day to give sweets to crushes as many of the Japanese students made and gave out sweets to new and old friends alike. And likewise, on White Day men would give back sweets to all the women that had given them something.


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