When I leave Japan, What I will miss the most.

For those who know about the geography of the U.S., Japan in its entirety is roughly the size of Montana as far as square miles goes. This means a number of different things considering when many people think about Japan, they are filled with ideas of the variety of cultural sites and long existing history.

Because Japan has so much history and a vast array of cultural and tourist oriented sights with its relatively small size compared to the U.S. it gives the feeling that so many of the things in Japan are fairly close together.

Even going from one end to the other is but a day’s flight. This takes me to the title of this article. The thing I will miss the most about Japan is the public transport system. one can not only easily go to many places within a single prefecture but many times major areas like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara can be visited in a weekend or even a day trip with the famous Shinkansensen.

In fact, I plan on taking a six-hour bus to Tokyo for a few days. The bus trip for round trip will cost 4,000 yen which is about $35. With cheap travel and an abundance of places to visit and things to see, I could almost say I’ve seen more historical and cultural sights in Japan than my home country of America.

The Shinkansen can turn a six-hour trip down to an hour if your willing to drop the extra money. Regardless of what route is chosen, it is efficient.

Even traveling around the Nagoya prefecture there are a ton of places to see and festivals to visit. A day pass for unlimited rides on a weekend is a great investment.

I’ll miss it because back in America everything is so spread out its hard to really see what all America has to offer, and at times is easy to feel stuck if financial situations have you bogged down. Many Americans can’t simply pay $40 or even $20 sometimes to hop on a bus and head to a major location within a day and head back that same night.

If you’re visiting Japan as a tourist please look into the Japan rail pass. It is costly but comes with unlimited rides in many areas and on the shinkansen. A great way to see a lot of places in Japan in a hurry.

There is a special kind of freedom and excitement that comes with the feeling of being able to travel so many places for cheap and with an ease that does not compare with living where I do in America. This air of being connected to so many famous places and events can almost be overwhelming when a person sees what all they can do. That is the feeling that nothing can beat.


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