My movie theater experience

As I was curious to see how different all the little things are in Japan, my roommate suggested going to a movie theater. After some searching, he came across a theater that showed English movies with Japanese subtitles and a few of our Japanese and foreign friends were interested also.

Sadly no pictures this time but as we walked down the rainy street in Sakae there was a small cafe. It appeared to be an average small quick stop cafe as we approached and walked in. We were supposed to all meet up at the cafe together but little did I know that the cafe was the entrance to the theater.

they sold all the things you would find at any other cafe, including small trinkets and baked goods, but around a small corner was a large hall with a row of theater rooms.

Of course in Japan, there was a specific structure in getting to your seat. After you have your ticket everyone lines up in the small hall shoulder’s bumping against shoulders. An usher shows up a little before start time and calls out ticket numbers, sending people in to find seats five at a time.

After we were all seated, the usher returned to give a speech about the theater and what I assume to be etiquette and rules. Once again my minimal Japanese comprehension leaves me in the dark.

perhaps this wasn’t worth a blog but it was interesting to see the structure of going to a movie theater compared to the gaggle that is going to one in the states.

The movie we saw was Birdman, they also recently had fifty shades of gray in theaters here, but from what I’ve heard and read it didn’t do so well.

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