Finally feels like a campus

Since starting college, I encountered the fact that Japan runs on a different system of semesters than the U.S. Conveniently though, Nanzan has a program that works with American college systems. However, the rest of the college is still on their own time except for the area where the international students study.

Because of this difference, there are many times when breaks happen and things don’t overlap so for almost a month the campus has been quiet due to the lack of Japanese students, who were on break.

We have multiple week long breaks for the international students but they are scheduled around graduation and exam time for the Japanese students, so contact has been rare. as a matter of fact, it has not felt like a real college campus to me until today.

Finally, everything is running together and it was the first day of class for them as the new freshman hustled down the street. There was, of course, a few confused looks as a small group of foreigners made their way dodging through the crowd.

Something that I have yet to see in America though, was the kind of welcome that was given. The football team lined up on both sides of the main street leading into the campus and welcomed the freshman with boisterous yelling, despite the rainfall.

Finally, the campus was alive again and beyond the football team were rows of tables promoting clubs.

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