Himeji castle

Himeji castle is claimed to be the most visited castle in all of Japan and is classified as a national treasure.  It dates back to 1333 and survived through the Meiji period when it’s destruction was planned but never executed. It then later evaded destruction after being bought, but the new owner realized it would be too costly in labor to tear it all down.

The castle held through firebombings during WWII  while the surrounding area was scorched and was undamaged during the great Hanshin earthquake.

It stands as the largest castle in Japan with an array of feudal era defenses. the architecture of the castle was even designed to give defensive archers more cover during combat without compromising to much vision.

The ghost story in the well states that a  woman was falsely accused of stealing valuable dishes and committed suicide by jumping into the well and drowning. It is said that you can hear her ghostly voice counting plates in the dead of night. For the complete story look up okiku himeji ghost story.


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