Honen Matsuri (fertility festival)

The Honen Matsuri is a fertility festival that happens across Japan. the biggest one is held in a city just north of Nagoya called, Komaki.

The festival is held at Tagata Shrine and during the event, the area is filled with various stands selling food and trinkets. Like anyone would expect, some of the vendors played to the theme of the event and sold phallic shaped food and charms.

The main attraction is the almost ten-foot long penis that is hoisted upon men’s shoulders and marched from one shrine to the next. Hundreds of people lined the streets with penis candy in hand as the erect float made frequent stops and was spun fervently.

Once the phallus reached the other shrine and was placed inside, rice cakes were thrown into the crowd from atop a platform.

despite the seemingly X-rated nature of the festival, it is meant for people of all ages as parents brought their children along as well.

There is also women who walk through the crowd and provide, all you can drink Sake.

for more information visit


link to a video

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