Japan and bathrooms

Japan has been known for having things and events that Americans would say are out of the ordinary. Japanese bathrooms are no exception.

1. Toilet situations in Japan can be interesting. first of all is the bidet toilet. It comes with a remote attached to the seat so you can control multiple functions. The most talked about is the function that sprays a jet of water to clean a person’s bottom instead of using toilet paper. Other functions include making the sound of water to drown out any sounds a person using the toilet may make and another bottom controls stream pressure.


2. There is a different set up for urinals in men’s bathrooms that set far lower to the floor.


3. Some toilets are known as squatter toilets. It is self-explanatory.


4. One thing to look out for is in many restrooms, there will be no paper towels to dry your hands with. Sometimes there may not even be an air dryer so plan accordingly.

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