Subway map in Nagoya


1. Yamazato Koryu Kaikan, Nagoya Koryu Kaikan, and Nanzan University are located near the stations: Yagoto, irinaka, and Yagoto nisseki. Yagoto nisseki is the closest.

2.Sakae is a major shopping district along with Osu Kannon.

3. Nagoya Station (Eki) is where many of the buses and trains that leave Nagoya will be. I.E. traveling to Kyoto or Ise.

4. Jingu Nishi is the station that leads to the Atsuta Shrine that houses one of Japan’s three great treasures.

5. Irinaka station is close to Kosho-ji temple. This is the biggest temple near the dormitories and has multiple festivals throughout the year.

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