Marvel Heroes in Japan


If any Marvel fans ever wondered what Marvel cartoons are like in Japan, here is an example. “Marvel Avengers Disc Wars,” features all the popular Marvel superheroes in a new way. Unlike the heroes in America where they travel around the world facing evil with all their resources and freedom, in Japan, they are trapped within disks. “Disk Wars,” has the heroes trapped within Disks due to a backfired plan to contain super villains.

Now the heroes are trapped and can only be summoned forth in brief amounts of time by a team of kids who possess the bio-code that corresponds with them.

The show is undoubtedly designed for a younger audience and Japan has a knack for cartoons about adolescents that find their way into immense power.  They now must travel around the world in search of other disks to collect them all. “Gotta catch em’all!”

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