disaster preparation

Nanzan University takes everything they do seriously but have the uncanny ability to attempt to find entertainment in the tedious orientations. The final Orientation was a disaster drill that showed all the students how to use fire extinguishers and AED’s (Automated external defibrillator).

The instructors took all the students outside where five fire extinguishers stood before five signs with cartoon-like images of fire on them. The students lined up and after the tutorial, they were allowed to practice their aim on the pseudo flaming targets using extinguishers that were filled with water. Aside from a Student’s mishap in replacing the safety pin and dousing those near to her while in cold weather, everything was tame.

During the AED demonstration on how to approach a unconscious person, the in-depth instruction including special emphasis on the need to tell people directly what to do in those situations. After calling for help, the person should say to individual people they need to call the ambulance and to another for them to get the AED. It was specifically noted that unless an individual is designated that Japanese people are not likely to respond and act.

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