The Fee chart

Current exchange rate: $1-115 yen

Security deposit: 30,000 yen

Health Insurance: 1,340 yen

Inkan for bank account: 1,034-1,230 yen

Actually money to open account: 1,000 yen

books: misc

Genki textbook: 3,000 yen

Genki Workbook: 1,500 yen

Bus fare: students will have to take care of some paper work by traveling to various places in Japan. Somewhere around 800-1,000 yen should be sufficient.

The dorms charge for internet after two weeks. best suggested to invest in pocket wifi. (i.e. Wimax)

Monthly stipend: The university does not pay you the monthly stipend until the middle of the moth after you arrive. Plan for food accordingly. In a dorm the monthly stipend is 30,000 yen

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2 Responses to The Fee chart

  1. SH1004 says:

    Hi! I’m actually attending Nanzan in the fall through ISEP. Your blog has been really helpful in getting ready to go. I did have one question though. The 30,000 yen stipend that they give you–does that have to cover rent at the dorm as well? If so, do you have enough money left over for food? Should I plan on bringing extra for that? thanks for any help you can offer.


  2. damienlee77 says:

    Hey, it does not cover rent at the dorm. My program charged me the rent fee in the program fee itself so the stipend is just for living expenses.


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