The Program

I am spending a semester studying abroad as a part of the ISEP program through my university. It’s an exchange student program that has landed me in Nagoya Japan, attending Nanzan Univesity.

The program at Nanzan is heavily designed to focus on learning the language itself with 5 credit hours of class in just speaking the language and another 3 credit hours in reading and writing. Aside from that, the courses I plan on taking are very limited and include Japanese foreign policy and a calligraphy course that meets once a week. The language courses are taught in Japanese and english and students can get placed anywhere from level 300-700. level 300 is for people with little experience in the Japanese language and knowing hiragana and katakana are the only requirements to get in.

Along with the course load, the program includes various trips to shrines and temples that will be talked about in later posts. Students have their choice of homestay or dormitory stay which includes one all male dorm and another all female dorm. This year is the first year that both of the dorms are not co-ed. I have ended up in the all male dorm.

Since it is an exchange program I pay tuition to my home university so all instate grants and scholarships will still apply. For anyone wanting to study abroad in Japan I’ll talk about all the logistics in a separate post.

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